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Meet The Team


Early Years Practicioner
Designated role: Health and Safety Officer



Preschool Manager

Early Years Practitioner

Designated role: Safeguard Lead and First Aider


Maryen is an enthusiastic individual who is able to make learning fun and exciting. Throughout her 25 years of experience working with children she has proven to be committed in providing a positive valuable journey in each child's learning and development. Maryen Is passionate about nature, music and seeing children blossoming into kind and respectful individuals.

Magdalena has 6 years of childcare  experience working previously at  another nursery in Crawley.  Magdalena likes working with children. She enjoys doing music and movement activities with  the children. 


Early Years Practitioner
Designated role: Health and Safety Officer, Student Coordinator


Gaelle has worked at the Preschool since June 2021.  Prior to this, Gaelle worked as an Early Years Practitioner for another Nursery and Preschool since 2016.  Gaelle holds the level 3 Diploma for Early Years Practitioners and she is a passionate Childcare Practitioner. 


Early Years Practitioner
Designated role: Inclusion Coordinator

Swati is an experienced childcare professional having worked at various schools and Nursery / Preschools. She loves to see children grow and promote better milestones to their journey.


Early Years Practitioner
Designated role: Fire Marshall

Moniza worked as a teacher in a Primary School and has 14 years of experience as a learning support in special needs school.  She loves to teach and support young learners and see them achieving big and small accomplishments through the day.



Preschool Administrator


Anoja enjoys working with children and building her knowledge of what the children know,  can do and understand.

She volunteered as a Catechist for 6 years in Sri Lanka.


Olivia has worked at the Preschool for 12 years and holds the level 3 in childcare and education. She enjoys watching the children grow and sees lots of families come through the Preschool. She enjoys playing with the children and doing lots of fun activities with them.


Deputy Manager
Early Years Practitioner
Designated role: Safeguard Lead,
First Aider, INCo and SENDCo

Early Years Practitioner





Early Years Practitioner
Designated role: Assistant SENDCo


Darlene has years of experience working with children. She chose her career in Early Years to support children in their development. She is passionate about growing her skills and gaining more knowledge to give the children the support they need.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the strategic direction and improvement of the Preschool on behalf of the Parish and Diocesan Trustees. 

Fr Raymond, OSA -
Chair of Committee

Sarah Kilmartin -
Deputy Chair of Committee

Maria Cowler - Committee member, Deputy Director of the Education Service at The Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton

Fr Raymond_edited.jpg
Maria Cowler -t_edited.jpg

Ana Andrade - Committee member, Foundation Governor for St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School

Magdalena Bray - Committee Secretary and Treasurer

Maryen Peiris - Committee member and Friary Preschool Manager

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