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'I am very happy that my child has a chance to meet the wonderful staff at Friary Preschool. She loves every single one of them. Every day she comes home she talks about her day and everything she did in preschool. Well done teachers!'


'I only have positive things to say about Friary Preschool. My child has settled in well and wants to go every day. My child never tells me what she has done on the day, it would be nice to know this info maybe on a weekly basis.'


'Leo really likes going to preschool every day to this point that he is upset if he has to stay home during weekends. He really likes his friends and teachers, saying that a teacher showed him something or helped him. He brings home lots of songs.'


'I am very happy with all staff, very professional, nice, helpful and caring attitude. Thankyou.'

'This is the perfect preschool to be in. Thank you for all the staff's hard work, well appreciated.'

'The nursery has indulged Amelia's love for creative activities. She is happy and enjoys her time spent with the staff and friends. I wish our son had gone too! Thanks for all you do for us and looking after our precious girl so well.'

'My daughter enjoyed every day at preschool. I can see her progress with speaking English , learning new skills and being more confident and independent. Thank you very much for everything.'

'Thank you very much for the patience, love, care and support you have given to Caleb. It has been a blessing to watch him grow and change. May the Lord bless your hands and your households. God bless you all.'

'We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers at Friary Preschool for their dedication and commitment. Our daughter truly cherishes every day she spends at preschool and has blossomed into a more mature and independent individual. The support and guidance you have provided have contributed immensely to her growth are forever grateful for everything you have done.'

'Thank you for all of your care, support, kindness and love for our Francis over the last two years. Francis will miss you all and preschool greatly! All the best for the future. Love, prayers and joy now and always.'

'We would like to say a big thank you to all ladies of Friary Preschool. Jonas has always been happy to come to preschool. He made lots of friends . He enjoyed himself and we are sure that he will keep precious memories of the preschool. We also thank you for always being welcoming and lovely to Jonas.'


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